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On The Rocks Eyelash Adhesive


On The Rocks Eyelash Adhesive is a Clear, Latex-Free, and  water resistant formula. This adhesive is made to keep your falsies on day and night while being gentle enough for a painless removal.


  • Before applying your glue to the lashes make sure to fit them onto your eye and trim the lashes if they are too long.
  •  Apply On The Rock Eyelash Adhesive to the lash band of your favorite eyelashes. ( for extra security add a little extra to the inside and outside corner of your lashes) 
  • WAIT 30-45 SECONDS for best application. Our lash formula works best when it is tacky. Allow your glue to dry a little before applying your eyelashes. Applying the lashes immediately after applying glue to the band may cause your lashes to slide around and not adhere. 
  • Once lashes are applied use out Eyelash Tool to pinch lashes down into your natural lashes for a perfect blend.


Safety Precautions: 

Use only as directed. Keep out of reach of children.
If eye irritation or allergic reactions occur please discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.

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